Most people know that mold, especially it’s most dangerous toxic type, is extremely harmful for their health. Allergies and health damage are not even the most serious consequences of mold exposure, with lethal cases also known. Not many are aware, though, that their favorite cats and dogs are at the same risk when living in a mold infested home. So how do you know if your pet’s health is in danger and what should you do about it?

How Can Black Mold Harm Your Pet?

For many years, it wasn’t clear whether or not black mold has the same dangerous effect on animals it has on humans. Recently, however, scientists and vets have come to a conclusion mold exposure is as harmful for your pet as it is to you, causing serious respiratory damage and even death.

A case in Florida has demonstrated black mold can cause pulmonary hemorrhages in cats: during a routine procedure, the vet noticed frothy blood in the tubes anesthetic was administered with and stopped the procedure. Unfortunately, the animals died, and the subsequent analysis of their blood revealed black mold was the cause of pulmonary hemorrhage that killed them.

Health Effects Toxic Mold Has on Animals

Black mold is as harmful for your pet’s body as it is for your own: the effects known are respiratory difficulties, serious lung damage, and hemorrhage. Black mold ruins capillaries in the lungs, eventually causing the death of an animal.

Does Your Pet Have Suspicious Symptoms?

Symptoms of black mold exposure are easy to notice if you know what to look for. If your dog or cat starts scratching themselves and chewing on their skin for no apparent reason, loses appetite, and seems unusually lethargic, there is a possibility they have been affected by toxic mold. Breathing difficulties, sneezing and coughing, and even bleeding from the nose are also common symptoms in worst cases of mold exposure.

What Should You Do?

If you suspect there might be black mold in your home – even if neither of your pets exhibits symptoms of mold exposure – have the premises tested for mold as soon as possible and take your pets to the vet for an examination.

In case you notice any of the possible mold infestation symptoms in your pets, make sure they get medical assistance right away and remove both your family and the animals from the infested house until the fungus is properly eliminated.
Black mold is an extremely harmful fungus that can cause health damage both to your family and your favorite cats and dogs, so make sure you get rid of it as soon as you have noticed any potential symptoms. At Expert Mold Test we can inspect your home and make sure it is safe again for everyone with our effective mold testing services – just give us a call at 770-533-3308.

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