Mold Inspection

Our Inspection Services Include:

Infrared Camera Inspections

infrared-camera-inspectionUsing an Infrared Camera, we will inspect the property to identify areas with excessive moisture or heat loss, detecting the problems that are invisible to the naked eye. An infrared inspection is a non-disruptive way to view moisture issues.  Moisture is the cause for Mold, Decay, Termites and a variety of other structural problems. While you may not be aware that certain spots on your ceiling, walls or floors are damp, we can help identify that during a moisture inspection.

detailed-home-inspectionMoisture Inspections

Moisture is the source of major property problems, such as mold, decay of construction materials, and insects. While you may not be aware that certain spots on your ceiling are damp, we will identify that during a moisture inspection.

Mold Inspections

mold-inspectionMold is a common problem in warm and humid climates like ours, and it presents a serious risk to your family’s health. We have detected mold in hundreds of homes and helped the owners find out about the problem before the harm was done.

Air Quality Testing for Mold

AirBorne Mold spores are not visible to the eye.  By taking several air samples and having them lab tested, we check if there are mold spores in the air you breathe and ensure your home is safe again after the clean-up.


Hire a Professional with Proven Expertise in Construction, Indoor Environment Services

You’ll want to hire an inspector, who has experience and training covering all areas of a structure and is able to identify an extensive range of property issues. Dan Brave is proud to be:

  • a Florida State Licensed Home Inspector #HI1343
  • a Florida State Licensed Mold Assessor #MRSA546
  • an InterNACHI Infrared Certified Thermographer
  • a Member of InterNACHI #03090609

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