Customer Testimonials

I recently used the services from Expert Mold Test to have a home I was purchasing inspected and was extremely satisfied with how well the work from them went. The people who came out to do the inspection were very professional and through. Their pricing was better than other estimates. I would highly recommend them. – P.D.

Dan was very professional and has great knowledge of his work! He helped me to get my insurance company to realize there was a huge invisible issue with mold spores in the air of our home after a flood. He has top notch service and equipment! Thank You Dan – P.J.

Expert Mold Test( Dan Brave) is the best. Dan always delivers and this we know. Dan came out to take a sample for me on Jan 1 and we never forgot that . Then we called him again on Oct 24, 2017 and out he came. All putting his customers first. We will continue to use his services. – PPI Inc

If you are looking for an expert, reliable, honest, and caring professional, Dan is your guy! It is obvious that Dan values his customers’ as well as his time. He arrived to our appointment as scheduled, explained the process as he was performing the mold test, was engaging even with our 6 year old daughter, and we had our results in 24 hours. He sent us an email with the results, which was then followed by a phone call to explain the results and answer any questions we had. We highly recommend Dan and will definitely give him a call should we need his services in the future! – D.G.

We were re-modeling our Master Bathroom, and the contractor discovered a small area of mold. We were concerned, so we called Dan. He came to our home immediately, ran some tests, took samples and we had the results back the next day! He was so timely, made us feel at ease and we were able to successfully continue with our remodel. I highly recommend Dan! – M.H.

I had Dan run a test at my office as well as my house for an ongoing allergy issue. Luckily, no elevated molds were found at either place. However, since I plan to rent my house out I wanted that piece of mind. I recommend Dan. He is professional and just an all-around nice guy! – A.W.

Excellent service. Prompt and professional. Dan did a thorough inspection and was willing to explain every step of the way. Highly recommended and we will use in the future. – J.S.

I had been searching for a RELIABLE and HONEST company to do some mold testing in a new home I recently purchased. I happen to be driving behind Dan and saw the advertisement of his business on his vehicle. After some research of visiting his Facebook page and reading his reviews I decided to call him. He was able to come out to my home the day I called to do the testing. Dan arrived on time. He is very professional with much knowledge as he explained everything to me as well as answered all my questions (I had a lot of questions). I had my results back in less then 24 hours. I’m happy to say my tests came back fine but it was well worth the money for that peace of mind. That said if you are reading this review because you are in need of his services please do not hesitate and call Dan. He is that RELIABLE and HONEST person you want to use :<) – B.H.

I had a great experience with Dan and Expert Mold Test Services. I have small children and have been concerned about allergies and the possibility of mold. Dan arrived on time as scheduled, was very friendly at the appointment (even with little ones following his every move), and thoroughly explained the test results as soon as they came back. I would definitely use his services again and highly recommend him to all. Thanks Dan! – M.W.

What can I say? Dan showed up on time, was clean, professional and just plain nice. The service was quick and efficient, the results were a pleasant surprise, and I was 100% satisfied. – A.E.

Dan’s Inspection was very thorough, he even made a second trip to make sure the findings were accurate. I was very pleased and would definitely recommend Dan and Expert Mold Testing. – M.L.

Dan was helpful, communicative, and efficient in completing a mold test in a compressed timeline. – J.T.

Quality is Dan’s first commitment to his customers. Secondly, he cares to see the job done right. Many elements come into play when testing for mold or bacteria, and Dan is just the man to inform you about your concerns or the unknown that you want to know about. Honesty and integrity driven. Dan is a stand up individual and I highly recommend him. Thanks Dan! – B.F.

On November 23, 2016, I had an emergency (mold in my hotel room that my two year old little girl was playing in). I called Dan with Expert Mold and he arrived in a matter of minutes and took mold samples and rushed them to the lab for testing. Within 14 hours I had the test results in my hands to provide to the doctors treating my child for her respiratory problems. The lab test results were just what the doctors needed. Dan was extremely knowledgeable and professional.
“I would highly recommend Expert Mold to my friends and family.” – A.E.

Dan was absolutely amazing. The time he took to inspect, as well as explain to me the results really helped out. I would not recommend anyone else. Thanks Dan! – C.Z.

We were pleased with the entire experience with Dan. From the ease of scheduling, a quick appointment, thorough assessment of our situation, speedy test results, and even referrals for other great contractors. Fortunately for us, it turned out that we did not have a problem, and Dan was able to give us that peace of mind quickly. We highly recommend him! – A.T.

Dan is definitely the expert when it comes to mold testing. His background and knowledge of construction helps him diagnose and find mold. He will go above and beyond to make you satisfied. I would recommend him if you suspect if you have mold in your house or a house you might purchase. – J.M.

Next to water, air is the most important thing we humans need. The quality of that air is even more important. If you think that there a problem in your home, condo, or apartment call Dan Brave. The money you will spend is
worth every penny. The proof is in the test results as to the quality of the air “you” and your family are breathing. – J.R.

I had an excellent experience with Mr. Brave. He came in the time period he said he would. My husband reached him on Monday morning and he showed up in our house later the same day (we were in a hurry). He was very polite and generally it was very pleasant to talk to him. He briefed me on what needed to be done and how he would do that and he did exactly that. The whole thing was from A to B. The next day he replied to me with good results so, I could not be happier. I would definitely recommend his services. – V.R.

Expert Mold Test came through once again! The company’s quick response, attention to detail and excellent follow through keeps them as a go-to for all my client’s needs. – J.C.

St. John’s Episcopal Parish & Day School hired Dan’s company to totally organize a project that included every aspect of mold and air quality issues at one of our oldest facilities. The effort and time he put into this major project resulted in his getting huge raves from parishioners, clergy, administration & school families. Most important, was the extra outside expertise that he called in to address areas that were vital to resolving our issues. They all showed high levels of confidence and competence in each field of the scope of the project. Dan managed the job of coordinating all the trades to effective and efficiently complete the job in a timely manner.
We truly appreciate Dan’s efforts with the St. John’s community, and I believe it will be a long served vendor relationship. – Jim Armstrong, Director of Operations

Dan was very thorough, informative, and responded immediately to my concerns for mold in my home. He scheduled a time to come to my house the same day we spoke about the issue, and after spending a significant amount of time looking at the various areas of concern and checking visually for mold, he took the time to explain the testing process. Dan took only the samples that he needed and did not try to oversell me on his services. Even though Dan left for vacation the following day, as soon as he received the mold report from the samples he took, he forwarded it to me and made himself available to discuss the findings. Dan is very knowledgeable and helped me understand the issues and how best to address/correct them. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone that has any concern for mold. – A. A.

We really lucked out in finding Dan. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He detected a significant mold problem in our kitchen that required immediate remediation.
This is our 2nd remediation in this house (the first one having been in the master bathroom) so we had hired a mold inspector once before. I’ve got to say that Dan, as well as the remediator that he referred, were hands down the best we’ve ever worked with. – C.S.

Dan Brave and Expert Mold Test will serve you well. Very honest and straightforward. If you think you may just have allergies but symptoms don’t seem to ease up at home, it could be possible that you have mold in your home causing your symptoms. You should have Dan do a thorough evaluation of your home to determine whether you have an issue to be concerned with. He will treat you right and help you with the utmost integrity. – S.W.

Dan is very knowledgable, kind and caring. He understand our fears with having kids and mold and did a very thorough job. I highly recommend Dan for mold testing. – E.L.

Dan has a wealth of knowledge and is a straight shooter. He kept me from being scammed by an HVAC company hired by my Home Warranty company.
He took the time to talk to me about my issues and gave some good advice. He got me set up with an Honest HVAC serviceman he helped me make a major decision.
Thank you Dan. – D.W.

Dan Brave is the consummate professional as well as being an expert in locating mold that might otherwise be hidden from view. You owe it to yourself and the well being of your loved ones to ensure that your indoor air is safe and healthy. Give Dan a call for your own peace of mind. – J.H.

I have known Dan, the owner of Expert Mold Test for over a year and have no problem in quickly referring him and his company to anyone worried about the air quality in their home or place of business. He uses state of the art technology and is diligent in following up to ensure that any required work is completed on behalf of his customer. – E.S.

Hiring expert mold test was an incredible experience in a time that was very negative for me. Dan was very professional, is highly qualified to do this job, as well as being a humble and respectful man. I got the proof from him I needed to ensure I could get my health taken care of. As it turns out I was being leased a sick unit with Stachybotrys in Clearwater. Hiring expert mold test was well worth every penny spent. It was a life saver for me. If you are ever in need of services for mold testing and you are in the general St. Pete area I personally wouldn’t hire anyone else. This is the one and only person to hire. A+++ – C.M.

Dan was quick, efficient and professional. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. He takes his business seriously and gets needed results back promptly. – R.A.

Dan Brave is top notch! When I initially suspected mold I called a mold company that did testing and remediation. They came out did a visual inspection, told me I had mold and sent me the estimate to remediate. I decided to get a second opinion, and I’m so glad I did.
In speaking with Dan, I learned a how mold testing is actually done and the remediation process. When the test results came back I found out my mold issue was not as bad as I was led to believe.
If it wasn’t for Dan I would have spent a lot of money unnecessarily. He is a true professional! I highly recommend Dan and Expert Mold Test. – M.M.

Expert Mold Test is extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. Hiring Expert Mold Test will give you the peace of mind that your air quality sampling is performed by an unbiased expert, and that the results can be relied upon. No conflict of interest! Hire an Expert. – L.B.

Dan at Expert Mold Test is excellent! I would recommend him and his company to anyone who needs any kind of mold testing done. Top notch! – K.K.

Upon the recommendation of our remediation team, our Condominium Association hired Expert Mold Services to test three condo units that had suffered water damages. Not only was the work done in a timely manner but the results of the mold test were delivered very quickly. Thank you Dan. – K.S.

Dan and Expert Mold Test did an awesome job in determining the mold status of the house, and developing a protocol for its removal. Extremely Professional, timely and efficiently completed the work
Highly recommended !!! – S.H.

We have had occasion to use Dan (Expert Mold Test) several times with our company.
He is always on time and very professional. Our company will continue to use him in the future, using all the services he provides. – M.B.