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Expert Mold Testing in Largo, Florida

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I have found mold to be a major issue in today’s indoor environment.  Mold can be a complex issue.  I have inspected and tested many buildings where no visible mold was obvious, yet elevated airborne mold levels were present.  Occasionally, I have evaluated sites where undisturbed visible mold was present and obvious, but mold spores were not airborne.   Even slightly elevated amounts of airborne mold found can be enough to cause numerous health issues in numerous individuals. In many cases, minor mold issues can be readily rectified.

Red-flag situations which call for air quality testing include homes or businesses that have had water leaks or damage, have been vacant, or have had recent mold remediation performed.  Additionally, any property which may potentially be causing individuals to have health issues such as allergies, respiratory symptoms, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, memory loss, or other unexplained symptoms should be air quality tested for mold. It is important to remember that airborne mold is not visible to the naked eye.

I have worked closely with remediation firms on many mold and water damaged sites providing pre-cleanup testing (to determine the problem and its extent) and post-cleanup verification to document that mold concerns no longer exist.  I am regularly requested to perform air quality testing by realtors and buyers as part of the pre-purchase process to insure that mold is not an issue. If you have concerns or have questions regarding the air that you’re breathing, please call me – our phone consulting is free.  


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