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    Dehumidifiers   Humidity Monitor Air Purifier Hepa Filter Water Detector Alarm Water Shut Offs Mold Cleaning   Odor Control

  2. Written Protocols

    An additional service we offer is Protocol writing.  A mold remediation protocol is a set of written instructions for the remediation company to follow to…

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  3. Bradenton Mold Testing

    How Mold Affects Your Home Are you wondering if your Bradenton home or business needs to be tested for mold?  If so, there are a…

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  4. Ellenton Mold Testing

    Protect Your Family’s Health: Benefits of Mold Testing Oftentimes, mold can be lurking where it isn’t visible, inside of walls, behind or under cabinets or…

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  5. Palmetto Mold Testing

    If you are buying or selling a home, or business location in Palmetto, you will want to consider mold levels in that home. You may…

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  6. Sarasota Mold Testing

    Molds exist all around us, both inside and outside our buildings. In the United States, we are currently aware of over a 1000 species of…

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  7. Tampa Mold Testing

    Molds are a naturally occurring part of our surroundings. They grow best in humid, damp, and warm conditions like those found in Tampa, and proliferate…

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  8. Wesley Chapel Mold Testing

    A mold infestation is more than an inconvenience; it could be devastating to your finances, your health, and your home.  Although the presence of a…

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  9. Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials I recently used the services from Expert Mold Test to have a home I was purchasing inspected and was extremely satisfied with how…

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  10. What is mold and Is it in my home?

    Mold Testing: Does Your Property Need it? A mold is a type of fungus that grows in filaments and reproduces by forming mold spores that…

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