5 Negative Effects of Excessive Moisture in Your Home

Moisture in your home is normal. It is produced when you bathe, cook, wash, and even breathe. Excessive moisture, however, is not. For various reasons, humidity inside your home may increase above normal levels. That is especially likely during wet seasons, when the house is not properly ventilated, and the…

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Toxic Mold: Your Pets Are at Risk, Too

Most people know that mold, especially it’s most dangerous toxic type, is extremely harmful for their health. Allergies and health damage are not even the most serious consequences of mold exposure, with lethal cases also known. Not many are aware, though, that their favorite cats and dogs are at the…

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Do You Suffer from Allergy All Year Round?

Allergies, unfortunately, have become very common, but if your symptoms last throughout the year without any apparent cause, it’s time to start looking in the house. Mold is one of the trickiest allergens: for one thing, it is difficult to spot in mild cases, and you may live in a…

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Can Your House Be Causing Your Family’s Sickness?

Sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, rashes, headaches, and even difficulty breathing – what can possibly make you and your family feel that way? If you get this condition outside the “regular” allergy season and it becomes more severe when you are at home, there is a good chance it’s…

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Feeling Bad In Your Office? You May Be Working In a “Sick Building”

Office buildings are definitely not the healthiest place to be. As if it wasn’t enough that they are usually located in traffic-rich, polluted city areas, the air indoors can be slowly causing you a lot of health problems. The crazy mix of carbon monoxide that comes from outdoors via the…

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How to Protect a New Building from Mold

Many factors can slow down construction work or drastically increase the costs, but there is a relatively new one that is making construction companies’ lives harder. A nightmare for both the owners of the building and the contractors that work on it, mold is an unwelcome, but frequent tenant of…

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